What is Damocles.icu?

About Damocles.icu


The myth of Damocles was chosen to represent the risks and responsibilities that we have today towards the future. As technology progresses at an exponential rate we are faced with less time to make decisions with greater compouding impact than ever before.

Damocles sat on the throne of Dionysis and saw above his head a sword hung from the pommel by a single hair from a horse’s tail to symbolize the dangers of one who is burdened with the power and responsibility of choice. Damocles was filled with dread and begged to return to his old life.

Today it seems like more and more of us are placed upon the throne of Dionysis and asked to burden the responsibility of choice. We can all see the sword of Damocles, not all of us made the choice to be beneath it.

The myth of Damocles does not address what it means to have to be seated upon the throne. We cannot return to our lives and pretend as though making no choice at all is not a choice in and of itself.


If we are made to choose, then let us choose wisely. Damocles.icu was designed to be a place for these meditations on choice, ethics, the future, and our role within it.

It is not a place for fear or panic, but of careful and thoughtful contemplation, and of peace with the responsibility of choice.

Core Values

Damocles.icu aims to be a positive force towards an ethical future without compromising the momentum of our technological advancement. It is a commitment to rise to the task of shepherding in the future  geared towards human interests and in concert with the continuous human endeavor to answer the questions of our ancestors who looked to the stars and wondered, and to achieve the goals we have dreamt of as a species since our first days on this planet.


Nawar Kamel
J.D. M.A.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one blogs about it, did it really happen?
I wanted to create a singular digital presence for my writings, thoughts, hopes, and interests as they relate to the dizzying speed at which technology and the future seem to be approaching. Think of this page as something a little more robust than a social media page, perhaps a Myspace renaissance…

I am hoping to leverage my academic training and experience, from my masters in philosophy focusing on social contract theory, to the firehose of knowledge that is law school, and combine that with the lessons I’ve learned working as a litigation lawyer in criminal law and now as CEO of an AI company (Experto AI, link in the footer).

This page is about making peace with the responsibility of the choices we are forced to make today. So I will do my best to avoid any panic or alarm, but rather take as measured an approach as possible to what can and needs to be done today, for the tomorrow we deserve. 

That doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying every second of it.